German Restaurant

Morrisville , PA, NJ

Morrisville, PA restaurant industry has changed throughout the last few decades. However, one restaurant that has remained and is still serving customers is the Blue Danube. The Blue Danube is owned by Peter and Margaret Puhlac, who happen to be Hungarians owning a German Restaurant. The Blue Danube, one of the best Eastern European Restaurants in Pennsylvania has been open since the early 90s.

The restaurant was named after the river that Mr. Pulhac crossed when he decided to swim away from the Communist country, Romania many years ago. The restaurant is not like every other restaurant, the menu which can be viewed on has a diverse menu. There are dishes from Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, and Hungary that are made from scratch. These recipes have been passed down from generations and even some recipes he learned along the way when working in Eastern European Restaurants.

The couple knows how hard it is to find authentic Eastern European Cuisine. That is why over the years, they decided it is time to open up shop and show the States what they are missing. Since they've opened, their customer base has continually expanded and people drive as far as Connecticut to Morrisville, PA to taste their delicious dishes. The Blue Danube even serves a few Greek and Italian options for those who are not into the European dishes.

They pride themselves on decades of business and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. As long as someone wants some good homemade European food, the Pulhacs will continue to serve the city. Not to mention that you won't leave hungry because the restaurant gives out generous portions at a reasonable price. They can guarantee you will be leaving with a to-go box, so you will have leftovers to snack on when you want to live that experience again.