Eastern European Cuisine

Trenton, NJ, NJ

Looking for Eastern European cuisine, but don't have the money to head on over to Europe? If you are in the Trenton, NJ area you will want to head on into Blue Danube Restaurant. Blue Danube Restaurant offers fine Eastern European cuisine from countries along the Danube River, such as Polish, Czech, Hungarian, German, and Romanian. We serve a variety of culture-specific dishes consisting of beef goulash, stuffed cabbage, wiener schnitzel, chicken paprika, sauerbraten, pierogis, and many more.

We know how important it is to have authentic Eastern European cuisine. Everything we make is how you will find it if you were to head over to Germany, Hungary, Romania, and other Eastern Europe countries. We provide large portions with a reasonable price tag.

Many people fall for big chain companies and their way of marketing. They say they make real authentic food with love. However, when you go into these places, and you order food, especially if you know what the authentic food tastes like, you find out that they do not hand-make this. They get it from a bag and heat it up for you. It's much easier and cost effective for one to buy it in bags already made rather than have someone who knows the culture hand-prepare all of the dishes.

However, that is now how we run things at the Blue Danube Restaurant. Our Polish restaurant and any other food coming out of our kitchen is always hand prepared from the finest ingredients. We want you to taste a piece of why we are in business. If you are looking for the best authentic Polish restaurant in town, you will want to head to Trenton, NJ and eat in Blue Danube Restaurant. You can check us out online at bluedanuberestaurant.net to view our menu.