Eastern European And Continental Cuisine

Bordentown Township, NJ, NJ

Welcome to Bordentown Township, NJ authentic Eastern European and Continental Cuisine. Blue Danube Restaurant was established by a Hungarian couple. Our vision for this restaurant as always was to bring authentic Eastern European and Continental cuisine to New Jersey.

We are located in the heart of Bordentown Township, NJ. We serve many delectable dishes that are to die for. You can find Wiener Schnitzel, Hungarian Goulash, dishes that feature beef veal, chicken, seafood and much more on our menu. We pride ourselves on how extensive our menu really is. We try and take a little bit of our heaven and serve it to you because we want you to see why we love it so much.

We pride ourselves in being the real deal. We aren't like the big corporate chains that tell you they have the best authentic food and they only have frozen dinners. We make our food from scratch. We want you to come into our Czech restaurant knowing you are going to get authentic cuisine without the price tag.

Most companies will only give you what we call a sampler as a meal. We give our customers large portions without the heavy price tag. We want you to be as full as you can walking out our door. We know how much people love food from all over Europe including Germany, Hungary, Czech, Poland, and many other countries. We have got you covered. We feature food from throughout Europe, so everyone in your party can find something they will love.

Next time you are in the Bordentown Township, NJ area and looking for some good authentic Czech restaurant from Europe, you will want to stop in at Blue Danube Restaurant. You can see our menu at bluedanuberestaurant.net. We hope to serve you our home food in the near future.