About Us

As the best European restaurant around Trenton, Blue Danube Restaurant is dedicated to providing you with great-tasting European food that you won't find anywhere else nearby. If you are craving Hungarian, Polish, Czech, German or Romanian food, you are sure to find the most authentic European food here at our European restaurant. Many people who have lived in Eastern Europe, that now live in Trenton, say that our European food is the closest that they can get to home cooking. Speaking of home, you'll feel like you're in Eastern Europe when you come to Blue Danube Restaurant. We have a friendly staff that is just as hospitable as the great people back in Eastern Europe.

Upon entering our European restaurant, you will instantly know that you have come to the right place the moment you smell the aroma from the kitchen. When it comes to the most authentic Eastern European cuisine, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for here at Blue Danube Restaurant. From wiener schnitzel, mititei, veal and chicken paprika, jaeger schnitzel and Hungarian beef goulash — you are sure to love everything that we have for you at our European restaurant. Here at Blue Danube Restaurant, each and every dish is made when you order it so you are sure to get quality Eastern European cuisine.